Our Farm In Ontario, Canada

With over 35 years of ginseng growing experience, our team has had plenty of time to perfect the art of producing top grade ginseng roots. Each year we successfully harvest over 250 thousand pounds of fresh ginseng roots from 500 acres of land. We along with most farms in North America harvest around November, but it may vary depending on the weather. It takes our staff of 35 roughly three weeks to harvest all of our ginseng and wash them.

Due to the fact that ginseng can only be grown on the same soil once, each year we acquire new land in order to constantly keep up with demand. The growing process takes 4-5 years as we supply both types of ginseng.

Ginseng grown in Canada is international known to carry the highest levels of ginsenoside. The strict regulations and guidelines that our farm adheres to meets global standards in regards to quality assurance.

Canadian Vita is proudly a member of the Ontario Ginseng Grower's Association. Our products are not only supported by the evident quality, but the recognition by others.

Our farm farm throughout the year.

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