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Our farms have been growing ginseng throughout Southern Ontario and have been supplying the market with the best ginseng there is to offer. After decades of hard work, our family farm has expanded to over 500 acres and we now supply ginseng throughout the whole world. Aside from ginseng, we also supply different types of produce to big local retailers in Ontario. By offering ginseng through our online storefront, we hope to share this amazing herbal luxury with more consumers that will appreciate the 4 to 5 years of effort that had went into each ginseng root. Through our brand Canadian Vita Ginseng, we hope to offer our customers with a name that they can always trust to deliver quality.


Buying directly from our farm will allow customers to get ginseng at a lower price than most retailers and wholesalers. Our supply of ginseng reaches 200,000 pounds each year as we harvest four and five year ginseng every October. We have finally taken it upon ourselves to sell directly online to customers to make ginseng more affordable.


Due to the fact that ginseng can only be grown on the same piece of land once,  we constantly acquiring new land that will allow us to grow the best ginseng possible. Over the past 30 years, our farms continue to satisfy the needs of consumers with our expertise in growing ginseng of high quality. This is evident in the shape, color and smell of our ginseng.


We are recognized by the Ontario Ginseng Grower Association as a trustworthy grower and seller of purely Canadian ginseng. Alongside our products comes a seal of certification with it, which is direct evidence of our high quality and Canadian grown ginseng.


Below are pictures taken from our ginseng farm.

1. Our ginseng warehouse in Wilsonville, Ontario, along with ginseng dryers.


2. This is what our farm looks like as we prepare to plant the new ginseng


3. The black cloths are put in place in order to block sunlight.


4. Ginseng roots in this picture are almost ready for harvest.


5. The racks that we use to place ginseng on as we power spray it with water before we dry it.


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