Ginseng Basic Value Pack ( 4 year - 1lbs)

  • $99.99 CAD

For customers that wish to try out our ginseng for the first time, we offer this 1lbs bag of ginseng filled with 4 year ginseng that vary in size and shape at a discounted price.

Ginseng Age: Four Years

Mixed = 0.8-20g/piece

Quality Level: Top Grade

Moisture: < 3%

Processing Procedure: 4-cycle quality check, root as original—not trimmed

Place of Origin: Southeastern Ontario, Canada

Time of Harvest: November 2017

Growing Period: Sept 2013 to Nov 2017

Product Preservation: Dry and Cool Place (Humidity <45%)

Best Before: October 2020

Product Weight: 454g (Net) 484 (Gross)