Pure Ginseng Powder ( 4 year - 1lbs )

Pure Ginseng Powder ( 4 year - 1lbs )

  • $54.00 CAD

We finally now offer ginseng powder that is made from whole dried ginseng roots. Being 100% ginseng, it will now make ginseng easier to use for our customers. Using our high tech grinders, the powder is very fine and smooth. Contains 1lbs of pure ginseng powder.

Ginseng Age: Four Years

Quality Level: Top Grade

Moisture: <3%

Processing Procedure: 4-cycle quality check, root as original—not trimmed

Place of Origin: Southeastern Ontario, Canada

Time of Harvest: November 2017

Growing Period: Sept 2013 to Nov 2017

Product Preservation: Dry and Cool Place (Humidity <45%)

Best Before: October 2020