Ginseng In Relation To Cancer Treatments

One of the ways to support mitochondrial health to help treat (or prevent) cancer is using botanical supplements derived from American/Canadian ginseng. 
Cancer is a complex, multi-factorial disease, and each person’s cancer has a distinct etiology and presentation. However, when combined with mainstream care, lifestyle changes can enhance the effectiveness of treatment, reduce adverse symptoms, and prevent cancer occurrence or recurrence by improving mitochondrial health.
Some botanical supplements show promising immunomodulatory effects in pre-clinical studies, increasing tumor rejection or pathogen resistance. In a large, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, American/Canadian ginseng ginseng was well tolerated and effective in improving fatigue outcomes in cancer survivors.
The research data showed that the two highest doses of American/Canadian ginseng (1,000 and 2,000 mg/day) did appear to decrease fatigue more than did a placebo, as measured by various scales of fatigue, vitality, and well being and there were no significant toxicities apparent in the active arms compared to the incidences seen in those taking the placebo. 
Thus, given the multiple potential effects of American/Canadian ginseng and the present, very preliminary, data suggesting that the higher doses studied may be helpful in cancer-related fatigue, it appears worthwhile to more clearly and definitively evaluate the benefits of the effects of American/Canadian ginseng in a larger, more definitive, placebo-controlled clinical trial. 



By Eric Tran
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