The following are basic information that everyone should know before using ginseng.

Based on guidelines stated by Health Canada, the following are basic information that users of ginseng should consider before consumption. Preparation: Dry, Powder, Decoction, & Infusion, extract dry, extract liquid, tincture, fluid extract   Dose(s): 0.5 - 12 Grams per day, dried root Consult a health care practitioner/health care provider/health...

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One of the ways to support mitochondrial health to help treat (or prevent) cancer is using botanical supplements derived from American/Canadian ginseng. Cancer is a complex, multi-factorial disease, and each person’s cancer has a distinct etiology and presentation. However, when combined with mainstream care, lifestyle changes can enhance the effectiveness of treatment,...

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How To Use Canadian Ginseng Powder Effectively To Benefit Your Health in Dealing with Diabetes, Common Cold, Fatigue, Immune system, Sexual Function or Skincare. Ginseng is an adaptogen. It helps bring your body back to its natural balance. It provides protection against stresses of all kinds, either mental or physical....

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