Why are chunky and large ginseng more expensive than others? It has been proven that larger and chunky ginseng are more dense with nutrients. This is why our Canadian Vita Ginseng boxes cost more than our bulk deals. The ginseng in Canadian Vita boxes are hand picked so that all the ginseng is large and chunky.

How old are your ginseng? We harvest 4 and 5 year old ginseng. Cultivated ginseng should be harvested after 4 or 5 years because that is when it has the highest amount of nutrients. Ginseng harvested before or after this time tend to not be as potent. 

Do you guarantee that I will get my product? Yes, each delivery we will require a signature once it arrives. If the delivery does not arrive, we will ship another one to you.

Where does your company ship to? Currently our company ships ginseng through out the world, North America, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America. We are able to provide all the required documents and certifications for shipping ginseng.

Do you offer wholesale prices? Yes we do offer wholesale prices. Please email us for more information on wholesale prices at info@canadianvita.com

How long will it take for an order to arrive? Depending on where you want the order to be shipped to, it can take up from 1-7 days to arrive in North America. We ship the item within one business day in order to reduce the time it will take for you to get the order.

How can you prove that your ginseng is high quality? We have gotten our ginseng tested by the Canadian Analytical Laboratories Inc. and they have issued us a Certification of Analysis which shows that our ginseng have exceeded North American Ginsenoside standards, 5.45%. On top of that we are a certified grower of ginseng that is a member of the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association.

What currency are the products sold in? The currency that the price is shown in can be selected by clicking the currency box next to cart icon at the top right.

What will be the cost for shipping? Shipping anywhere in North America is free. For orders outside Canada, shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout.

What if I am not satisfied with the product? In order to make sure that our customers get the best service, we have a return policy of 30 days starting from when the product is purchased online. Once the order comes and it is not what you hoped it to be, we will give you a full refund on your purchase. Please note that only orders that have not been opened can be refunded (plastic wrap sealing). Customers are responsible for shipping the product back. Please contact us by email for returns. 

How long can ginseng be kept and how is it stored? If stored in a dry environment, with cool temperature, the ginseng can be kept for up to 5 years without losing nutritional value. The smell of ginseng can also be preserved if it is kept sealed away from air.

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